Smart Contract Development

Build and deploy cutting-edge blockchain solutions
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Smart Contract Services

Wit the development of enterprise-ready blockchain applications

MASU offers Smart Contract Development, Auditing, and Optimization services on ethereum and other mainnet. With a wealth of experience in building advanced protocols and Virtual Machines, we have gained a deep understanding of smart contracts’ inter-dependencies and efficiency triggers, which helps us underpin your solution by educated tech know-how.

Smart contracts of any complexity on any blockchain. From custom token creation to decentralized exchange on-a-turn-key basis.

Smart Contract Audit


Full review of your system’s architecture and codebase. We make sure, that your distributed systems work as you intended.

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High security level browser and mobile crypto wallets with generation system, private keys storage, stable (and other types) coin support and crypto/fiat acquiring.

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Project architecture development. Technical specifications and decompositions of your ideas. Whitepapers, lightpapers and etc.